Pricing Bot v1.0 Release

November 7, 2021

Added/changed features:

  • Added *Rarity* and *Condition* rules for Pricing Programs
  • Max % price decrease can now be set to 0%
  • The change in total price of articles is now visible when viewing your inventory (or a bot run)
  • You can see and switch your active cardmarket account in the sidebar

Total rework of Pricing Bot interface:

  • Moved out of the "Settings drawer" onto the proper Pricing Bot page
  • Streamlined and clearer interface
  • Only displays information about your active cardmarket account (only matters if you have multiple)
  • Added a list of "Starting points" to help with creation of new Pricing Programs

Changes in the Pricing Program Editor:

  • It is now always visible which parts of your stock fall under which rule - clicking on the number will display the full list
  • Separated the components for adding a new row and a new condition
  • It is no longer possible to nest rows, unless you choose an "advanced" starting point

Bug Fixes:

  • Pokemon: Secret Rare and Holo Rare cards will now have their correct rarity
  • Safari - Adding articles: The card search field will be automatically focused after adding an article (like in other browsers(

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