Getting Started #2 - Stock Pricing

June 19, 2020

Making sure your stock has optimal prices can take a lot of time. Learn how to do it effortlessly with MTG PowerTools!


How do Pricing Strategies work? Can I customize them?

Pricing strategies and all other pricing settings are discussed in detail in our Pricing Settings guide.

Is the list of my stock always up to date?

Your stock is fetched from Cardmarket when you first visit the Stock Pricing view, and then cached in your machine's browser until you press Logout. If you want to make sure you are viewing your actual stock, press the Refresh Stock button in the bottom part of the sidebar on the right (under Publish Changes).

I have 20000 cards in my stock, but PowerTools is only showing 5000 results. Is part of my stock missing?

There is a difference in the amount of "singles" amd "articles". If you have 4x NM Tarmogoyf from Future Sight, that is 4 singles, but only 1 article. To check the amount of articles you have on Cardmarket, go to "My Offers", click on "Singles" (the number shown there is your amount of "singles"), and see the number of Hits - that's how many articles you have.

But there are still a few articles missing.

The most likely explanation is that they were in a shopping cart (when we request your stock from Cardmarket, we only get cards that currently aren't in a shopping cart), and when they are freed up, you should see them after refreshing your stock.

How many cards can I autoprice at the same time?

Currently, the maximum is 10000 with 1 click. We are planning to increase this maximum in the future as we upgrade our server infrastructure. If your stock is more than 10000 articles, consider increasing the minimum price filter, or pricing 1 language at a time.

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