Getting Started #3 - Pricing Settings

June 20, 2020
In this post, we will teach you how to autoprice your stock with your own custom pricing strategies.


Can I price based on Trend/Average price?

Yes! If you wish to have a strategy that uses Trend, AVG1/AVG7/AVG30 instead of a competitor, just select "Based on Price Data" while creating a strategy, and then choose you desired metric.

How exactly does PowerTools find an article to base the price off of?

PowerTools tries to find the cheapest (or Xth cheapest, depends on the Rank value of a given strategy) that fits the following criteria:

  • The expansion has to be the same
  • The condition has to be the same, or better
  • The language - if it is English, it has to be English. For all other languages, it has to be the same language, or English. (if your article is Spanish, it is only matched with Spanish or English articles)
  • If your article is a playset, or you have 4x or more of it, then it has to also be a playset or 4x+
  • The foil value must match, so non-foils with non-foils and foils with foils
  • It's seller has to fit the criteria of the competitor (reputation, professionality, country and min. number of sales) that you based your strategy on.

How does "rank" work?

Let's look at some examples: if you set the rank value to 1, PowerTools will find the cheapest articlle that fits the criteria, and price based off of it. For a rank value of 3, it will try to find the 3rd cheapest one, and price based on it. If the value is 10, but there are only 5 articles that fit criteria, the price of the 5th cheapest article will be used.

When does an article get bulk-priced?

Before pricing any article, we first check if it's Trend/AVG1 value is below 50 cents. If so, we don't follow the strategy, since there isn't much point to pricing bulk based on competitors' offers. It is then priced according to its Trend/AVG1, or its given bulk price (based on rarity), whichever is higher.

What does "Disable Bulk Pricing" do?

Normally, if an article would be priced below your bulk setting price for its rarity, it's priced based on the bulk price instead. This is useful when selling, but if you are autopricing a customer's collection to make him an offer, you may want to use "Disable Bulk Pricing" to disable the minimum bulk price.

What does "Disable Playset Pricing" do?

This removes the playset condition (If your article is a playset, or you have 4x or more of it, then it has to also be a playset or 4x+), resulting in less strict filter.

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