Getting Started #1 - Adding Articles

June 19, 2020

In this post, we'll teach you everything you need to know about adding articles in MTG PowerTools. Check out Simon's video and then the Q&A below!


How do I price the cards that I'm adding?

The process for adding cards and pricing them is separate. This means that you first add the cards to your account in this Add Articles view with a placeholder price (1000€ by default). Then, in the Stock Pricing view, you'll be able to filter for them using the Exact Price filter, and autoprice them any way you want. To learn more, check out the Stock Pricing guide.

Can I save a list of cards without publishing it to my account?

Yes! You have two options here. The first is using the Save List button in thee top row. This'll save the list in your computer's browser's cache, and it'll remain there until you press the Logout button. The other is to export the list to CSV (text table) using the Export CSV button on the right of the search bar. This will allow you to download a .csv file which you can later import back and continue your work.

Can I autoprice a list of cards without publishing them to my account?

Also yes. You can export the list using the Export CSV button on the right of the search bar. Then, go to Stock Pricing view, where you'll find the Autoprice CSV button. You can drop the file there, and you'll be able to download another one with all of the prices filled in in just few moments. To learn more about this, check out our Import/Export guide.

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