About Us

Meet the team

Simon Görtzen

Simon is a software entrepreneur from Germany. He's a member of the 2020 Rival's League with a Pro Tour victory dating back to 2010. For many years, Simon was a caster for the official Twitch coverage for Grand Prix, Pro Tours, and World Championships.
He has been a private seller on Cardmarket since 2008, where he started writing automation software first for himself, and soon after also for other traders looking to improve their processes.

Lukas Paugsch

Lukas is a web developer from Slovakia. In his teenage years, he tried his hand at going pro in Magic, but only got to Bronze level before the Pro Players Club ended. While playing, he also traded actively on Cardmarket.
His first experience with Cardmarket automation was back in 2018, writing few scripts including a simple autopricing implementation for a Slovak powerseller. Since then, he has also created a modern website for the Slovak community.