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TCG PowerTools is a professional inventory manager for Cardmarket that saves you time and money.
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Adding articles

Speed up listing of new articles

Hotkey-powered attribute selection makes it easy to add articles no matter the card version, its language or condition.

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Stock pricing

Your entire stock -priced in moments

Price and re-price your Cardmarket stock in a matter of minutes. Whether a few cards, a full set or your whole stock it's fast and easy.

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Pricing strategies

Define your own strategy

Your pricing strategy determines your success! Choose existing metrics or define the types of sellers you want to undercut and how.

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Safe and Secure

We are an official Cardmarket API Partner. Connecting your account is easy and secure.

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PowerTools so far...

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articles added

9 510 595

articles auto-priced

427 572

articles imported

Patrik from CloudpostBA

Slovak Powerseller

"TCG PowerTools is a must-have tool. It saves us dozens of hours per week, you can set your own strategy for selling cards and it even makes our customers happier. Buying cards takes much less time and you can just give them a CSV file with prices of cards that they want to sell. I can't recommend it highly enough."

Michael Bonde

Cardmarket seller from Denmark

"TCG PowerTools helped me put my cards on Cardmarket in no time. Precise and fast, I listed all of my cards in a day, which would have otherwise taken me a week.
A perfect tool for both Private and Powerseller for keeping track of inventory and pricing, while revolutionizing listing cards on Cardmarket."

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